Conversational Voice AI for Food Ordering

Add Conversational AI based for Food Ordering using Voice or Txt/Chat. This AI automation technology uses natural conversational AI and can be added to any food ordering apps or on the website or on-prem kiosks or drive thru. Our AI automation technology can be added via Voice or Txt/Chats. The AI system takes in your food menu and automatically prepares the dialog conversation flow to the users to help easily order Food without any buttons or complex menus. The AI food ordering bot can be given your brand (or custom) name and the AI talks naturally using human voice (or using Txt chats). It then guides users to go through your menu selections and allows user to order the food items and add to the cart. Users can interact with the voice simply and answer selection choices and pick the food items main/side dishes, topping or added items and/or drinks. Food items can be added, edited or removed from the cart and final order can be checked out and paid. The eCommerce order transaction will happen in your same financial system or the same payment flow or method you are currently using now and no changes are required.

AI sales engine to increase food sales

Our AI Sales engine can increase food orders & revenues. Our AI offers food recommendations, user prompts/emails/msgs at right times to interact with the users to get more food orders. The AI Sales engine uses information such as: past food orders, food preferences, group orders, past history of order days & times, location, restaurants used, food types from the past, food combinations and frequency, order prices / amounts, predicted age groups and more. The AI system will gently nudge the users with proposed food items, easy one-click (or via voice) orders, discounts at right time, easy re-ordering from  past orders with 1 command/voice word etc. AI also analyzes and proposed the “right” discount amount % in the last minute to incentivize users and help convert the sales orders, without which the order is likely lost and never would have materialized. AI system will calculate based on past history the right amount of discount % to help convert to completed sales order. In summary, our AI sales engine can greatly help you to increase your food orders by 5-25% using latest state-of-the-art AI sales technology.

What is Cook'd Marketplace

Cook’d is a new innovative meal marketplace for university students in high-density areas. Cook’d offers, 20-40% discounted meals from top rated nearby restaurants by aggregating volume into the top popular student choice meals. Free pick up at a restaurant.

Why Cook'd?

Cook'd is the Solution For Students

1. Affordable and lower prices (20-40%) compared to regular restaurant prices or ordering from delivery apps
2. Highly rated nearby restaurants near campus 
3. Free pick up and low cost delivery $0.99 on campus 

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